In September 2014 Budweiser released this commercial featuring Dan's voice and his song "When You Come Home," which was written for the commercial.  

"At the Tiki Hut, Summerfest's hidden gem along the lakefront behind the Johnson Controls Stage, emerging artists such as Nora Collins and Dan Rodriguez played for the fans in an intimate setting that defies the norm at a festival known for big gigs. Therein lies the beauty, however, that in a fast placed world like Summerfest there's a place where things can slow down for a moment and you can witness a singer-songwriter on a personal level and make a connection to their music. Dan Rodriguez is one of the standout performers in that sense, because he has an amazing ability to reach out and gather large audiences out of thin air."

John Schulze

Performing Arts Examiner :

Milwaukee, WI


"I've been in this business a long time.  I recognize when somebody has something real.  Dan is a true talent, and seems to be ushering in a new wave of singer/songwriters around the Twin Cities.  I can honestly say I'm excited for the world to hear what he's got to offer." 

Michael Bland

Drummer:  Prince, Jonny Lang, Nick Jonas, & many more

Minneapolis, MN 



"Simply put, Dan is the real deal.  Those of us in the music biz in LA hear a constant stream of artists with hopes of 'making it' and it's extremely rare to come across a musician with both Dan's rawness as well as the smooth confidence that comes with having done something he loves for years and years.  What a pleasure he is to find!  Plus, the songs just get better with each listening." 

Ben Patrick Johnson

Voice Actor: Movie Trailers, FOX, CBS, Warner Bros

Los Angeles, CA



"Dan performs fantastically... and is a rage on stage.  He has a very soothing voice that translates well to his mellow works as well as the more up-tempo recordings.  His down to earth nature makes you want to pull for him and it will be a treat to watch his career take off.  Some of my favorites include Red Flags, Unreal and Games.  And how can you not like a guy who rides a scooter around town?

...I look forward to hearing more from Dan and I can't wait to catch him live the next time he gigs in town."

Chris Schaffer

WCCO Meteorologist

Former DJ at KOOL 108, BOB 100FM, 104.1 The Point & Cities 97

Minneapolis, MN



"[Dan Rodriguez] stands out from other singer-songwriters with his unique yet familiar sound...

...[his] sound is a mix of Jason Mraz and John Mayer, with a dash of edginess and a generous helping of passion...

...I really love that he is singing his songs.  Songs that fit his voice and who he is.  There have only been a couple demos I have gotten from, at the time, relatively unknown artists that I consider radio-worthy; Emily West, Ashton Shepard, and Dan Rodriguez."

Kate Sawyer

Co-Host K98.5 Morning Show

Waterloo, IA


"Watch out for Dan Rodriguez, you have not seen the last of him or his band. They are going somewhere."

Kevin Wallen

Founder of

Minneapolis, MN